About Our Group

When we were young gardeners, our days would quickly melt into nights as we amended, weeded, plotted, planned, and planted our gardens. Aches and pains could be soothed soaking in a hot tub at night followed by restful sleep that allowed us to repeat the process again the next day. We dreamed of more plants and more land – there would never be enough. It was a way of life that we would never dream of leaving behind.

We are now all at least sixty years old - a group of passionate gardeners with a more realistic approach to our gardening. We do not want to let it all go, but we feel the need to get it under control. Our bodies do not heal overnight. We take breaks and quit before dark. As a group, we share our experiences, learn from each other, and provide mutual support and encouragement to continue to enjoy gardening through our golden years.

Membership is limited at our monthly meetings. Those on our waiting list can visit this site and keep up with our group discussions. This Blog will continue to be refined over time – just like us!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just a short trip and we were at Carolyn's garden, the huge trees making it feel as though the trip from Mike's should have taken much longer than it did - it felt as though we should be in a national forest. The curbside view didn't provide a clue that there was a woodland wonderland only a short walk away. 

Carolyn gave a brief overview of how the garden evolved into what it is today, and then, the journey began. Off we went, rounding the corner of the house where ferns and foliage gave the first hint of what we were about to experience. First, it felt as though we were in a park, then in a well maintained forest. 

Who could keep such a large place in such pristine condition? The answer is Carolyn. She maintains it all herself.

It was just about lunch time when we arrived. Carolyn provided drinks and had the patio and gazebo set up with tables and chairs. 

Many of us sat down right away and ate our sack lunches while others still had enough energy to start the tour before succumbing to hunger pains.

Once our energy was restored, we were eager to get going and enjoy the scenery. Everywhere we looked, there was beauty to behold.

 Many plants called for a closeup encounter. 

We were fascinated by Carolyn's "Mystery Plant" and maybe one of these days, someone will be able to put a name to it.

Sometimes, we just stared into the distance, trying to soak up every morsel of the view.

Beautiful pathways under huge trees invited us to continue exploring. Imaginations could run wild in this magical setting - I expected to see seven dwarfs, or maybe Little Red Riding Hood, or Hansel and Gretel............... 

But the most memorable feature for me was the pond, so natural in its setting - making it difficult to believe it is man-made.

What a glorious day it was!Thank you Carolyn and Mike for opening your gardens to us and to Diana for making the arrangements.


 Another beautiful spring day – this time in early June - how lucky can we get? A morning filled with sunshine, a bright array of colorful bloom, and our host all cheerfully greeted us on our first stop of the day, the well tended garden of Mike Snyder. The colors of our country’s flag, proudly displayed at the front door, were artfully echoed in the beds surrounding the lawn. 

Along the street, poppies shouted “Pay attention to us!” and we promptly obeyed their command. Other beautiful blossoms and well-behaved foliage (obviously more refined) chose to politely wait their turn at capturing our attention. 

Heading back along the side of Mike’s house, was like entering another world – a world filled with magic and whimsy, cozy garden retreats, and a plenitude of plants in every size, shape and texture imaginable. 

Even with so much packed into a normal sized parcel in the city, plenty of sunshine reaches the garden floor so sun lovers thrive in close proximity to plants needing shady sites.

Mike has strategically placed vine covered arbors along pathways providing a gentle point of transition from one cozy garden retreat to the next. Cleverly placed garden props create a sense of peace and quiet repose.  

As always, when we visit gardens, there were many questions asked. Mike graciously answered them all before joining us for the short trip to Caroline's garden.

Friday, July 8, 2011


What a gorgeous day for touring the display gardens and finding new plants to take home for our own gardens! Thomas gave us a personal tour and then we headed for the hoop houses where most of us threw caution to the wind when we saw the fabulous selection of plants. Although they are known for having a huge selection of hostas, we found an equally impressive number of ferns, epimediums, and other shade and woodland plants. There were even some unusual trees and shrubs available. 

After touring and shopping we headed over to the gazebo for a break where we enjoyed garden talk while eating our lunches.

Our gardening hearts were all aflutter after soaking up some sunshine and packing away our treasures for the trip home. 

What a beautiful welcome!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


The past two months have been busy ones both in and out of the garden. I hope you will forgive my tardiness in updating our blog. I’m going to use more pictures and less text so that I don’t spend so much time at the computer during the height of gardening season. We’ll journey briefly back to our May and June meetings; our trips to Sebright, Carolyn Guinther's garden, Mike Snyder's garden, Kinzey Fair, and Laurel Hedge; and any other events of note.  I'm hoping to catch up and stay current - at least for the rest of this year. :-)

I’ve tried to be diligent in taking pictures and believe that I have something to share from almost every one of our outings – having pictures is one thing, but having good pictures is another. Sometimes I capture way too many back sides and unflattering facial expressions or the weather isn't cooperative. I promise not to post anything too far out.

Without looking at the calendar, I know it is after July 5th Oregon's first day of summer. With the sun shining on clematis flowers that are almost a month late to bloom, I am especially appreciative – both for the extra vitamin D and for the uplifting brightness of the day. I’m not even going to complain about being too warm when the thermometer passes eighty degrees. Take note, Mother Nature, the weather is great – no complaints here!

 Sunshine and warmth greeted us as we gathered at Bruna's lovely Beaverton home.