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When we were young gardeners, our days would quickly melt into nights as we amended, weeded, plotted, planned, and planted our gardens. Aches and pains could be soothed soaking in a hot tub at night followed by restful sleep that allowed us to repeat the process again the next day. We dreamed of more plants and more land – there would never be enough. It was a way of life that we would never dream of leaving behind.

We are now all at least sixty years old - a group of passionate gardeners with a more realistic approach to our gardening. We do not want to let it all go, but we feel the need to get it under control. Our bodies do not heal overnight. We take breaks and quit before dark. As a group, we share our experiences, learn from each other, and provide mutual support and encouragement to continue to enjoy gardening through our golden years.

Membership is limited at our monthly meetings. Those on our waiting list can visit this site and keep up with our group discussions. This Blog will continue to be refined over time – just like us!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tea in April at Priscilla's

This was our second annual Tea hosted by Priscilla. Taking a step back in time, we sat down at tables set with linens and china used by past generations of Priscilla's family. Jepi and Sarah poured two kinds of tea and served their delicious home made assortment of scones and little sandwiches. This year, we were encouraged to wear hats and bring our favorite gardening poem to share with the group. It was so much fun that we've decided to make it an official annual event.

We almost didn't have pictures to remember the day. When I took my camera out of the bag, I discovered a dead battery. Thank goodness Barbara had her camera and saved the day. I hope you enjoy these pictures and the creativity of our fellow members' hat designs.

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